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The APO National Award aims to recognize a core of deserving productivity champions within Asian Productivity Organization (APO) members, both from the public and private sectors and from profit and not-for-profit organizations, who are leading and implementing productivity initiatives and influencing other members of their organizations in various productivity activities and/or those outside their organizations.
The awardees are role models who inspire organizations, like-minded individuals, and the next generation of productivity champions. The award aims to multiply productivity champions and productivity advocates committed to excellence across APO members, thereby making the productivity mindset pervasive at the national level. The award is conferred on individuals as recognition for their outstanding productivity performance and efforts for excellence.
The APO National Award is conferred annually as part of national productivity movements. National Productivity Organizations (NPOs) of APO members are responsible for the award process. NPOs may choose to form strategic partnerships with relevant government agencies or trade chambers and associations to organize or support the award, thus increasing recognition.