Basic Certificate Course in Community Productivity – 2023 Batch (Online)
Start Date: 16/09/2023  
End Date: 16/12/2023  


List of those who have successfully completed the basic certificate course in community productivity - 2023 batch  have been Awarded e-Certificates 


Referance No Candidate Name Results
NPS/D1/CP/01 W. B. N. S. Wijekoon  Completed
NPS/D1/CP/02 J. Anusha Lakmini Rupasingha Completed
NPS/D1/CP/03 H.G. Chandani Kumari Senavirathna Completed
NPS/D1/CP/04 U.G.I.K. Ulpathege Completed
NPS/D1/CP/05 L.G.S. Kumari Completed
NPS/D1/CP/06 B.H.D. Janani Weerasooriya Completed
NPS/D1/CP/07 K.M. Kumarathunga Jayasiri Completed
NPS/D1/CP/08 P.D. Kanchana Premachandra Completed
NPS/D1/CP/09 I.P.G. Nisansala Sandamali Karunadasa Completed
NPS/D1/CP/10 Ganga Nilmini Gurusinghe  Completed
NPS/D1/CP/11 Liyanage Wasantha Completed
NPS/D1/CP/12 L.P.A.P. Rohitha   Completed
NPS/D1/CP/13 U.G.N.Y. Pathirathna  Completed
NPS/D1/CP/14 Srima Hemamali Thalangama  Completed
NPS/D1/CP/15 E.A.C.G. Perera Completed
NPS/D1/CP/16 W.G.M.S. Udayapriya Completed
NPS/D1/CP/17 C.A. Nadeeshani Chandrapala Completed
NPS/D1/CP/18 R.M.D.U. Gunarathna Completed
NPS/D1/CP/19 J.M.K.S. Menike  Completed
NPS/D1/CP/20 H.M.A.K. Herath Completed
NPS/D1/CP/21 P.H.N. Udayakanthi Completed
NPS/D1/CP/22 K.G. Siril Gamage Completed
NPS/D1/CP/23 W.M.Y.K.Wijekoon Completed
NPS/D1/CP/24 G.G.T.M. Dharmasena Completed
NPS/D1/CP/25 W.A.T.N. Weerasinghe Completed
NPS/D1/CP/26 W.M.S.K. Wanninayaka Completed
NPS/D1/CP/27 D.H.S. Damayanthi  Completed
NPS/D1/CP/28 E.G. Sagarika Nilmini Completed
NPS/D1/CP/29 D.L.S. Sewwandika Chandrasiri  Completed
NPS/D1/CP/30 R.S.U.K. Rajapaksha   Completed
NPS/D1/CP/31 S. Kapila Kumara De Silva  Completed
NPS/D1/CP/32 M.A.K. Balasooriya  Completed
NPS/D1/CP/33 E.A. Madushani Kaushalya Edirisinghe Completed
NPS/D1/CP/34 K.P.N. Randunu Fernando  Completed
NPS/D1/CP/35 Thilak Kumara Rathnayake Completed
NPS/D1/CP/36 A.L.D.S.T. Wijesiri Completed
NPS/D1/CP/37 Hemali Dissanayake  Completed
NPS/D1/CP/38 H.M.A.M. Kumari Completed
NPS/D1/CP/39 S.G.N.S. Wimalasena Completed
NPS/D1/CP/40 W.D. Chandralekha   Completed
NPS/D1/CP/41 U.H. Sachini Madushani De Silva Completed
NPS/D1/CP/42 E.M. Deepani Saumyalatha Ekanayake Completed
NPS/D1/CP/43 Amila Prabath Athukorala Completed
NPS/D1/CP/44 W.M.M.R.S. Karunarathna Completed
NPS/D1/CP/45 R.M.S. Rathnayaka Completed
NPS/D1/CP/46 Shyamali Kodithuwakku Completed
NPS/D1/CP/47 D. Nimesha Sewwandi Completed
NPS/D1/CP/48 B.G.N.I. Wijerathna Completed
NPS/D1/CP/49 I.G.S.N. Dissanayake Completed
NPS/D1/CP/50 H.A.D. Chathuri Prarthana  Completed
NPS/D1/CP/51 M.P.C. Wheerasinghe Completed
NPS/D1/CP/52 P.N.S. Nuwarapaksha  Completed
NPS/D1/CP/53 A.P.D.I. Adikari Completed
NPS/D1/CP/54 S.K. Nethmina Jayasinghe  Completed
NPS/D1/CP/55 I.P. Hansi Madusha Ruwanthi Completed
NPS/D1/CP/56 U.R.J. Peiris Completed
NPS/D1/CP/57 B.A.S. Mendis  Completed
NPS/D1/CP/58 A.K. Nikadeniya Completed
NPS/D1/CP/59 D.M.S.S. Dissanayake Completed
NPS/D1/CP/60 W.P.N.M. Pilekumbura Completed
NPS/D1/CP/61 A.S.V. Siriwardhana  Completed
NPS/D1/CP/62 R.R.M.T.K. Bambaradeniya  Completed
NPS/D1/CP/63 H.W. Isuri Lakshika Hendhawitharana Completed
NPS/D1/CP/64 W.G.N.K. Weerasooriya  Completed
NPS/D1/CP/65 A.M.E.U. Abeykoon Completed
NPS/D1/CP/66 H. M. Deepthi Siriwardhana Completed
NPS/D1/CP/67 E.G.S. Pushpakumari Completed
NPS/D1/CP/68 T.H. Ransika Lakmali Completed
NPS/D1/CP/69 A.M. Sanjeewa Bandara Kirinda Completed
NPS/D1/CP/70 R.W.V.N.M. Rajapaksha  Completed
NPS/D1/CP/71 A.G. Swarnamali   Completed
NPS/D1/CP/72 H.P.M.T.A.K. Malalasekara Completed
NPS/D1/CP/73 M.D. Jayamini Shyama Completed
NPS/D1/CP/74 M.A.P. Manjari Completed
NPS/D1/CP/75 T.A. Kusum Gamaarachchi  Completed
NPS/D1/CP/76 B.D. Pushpa Nandani Completed
NPS/D1/CP/77 R.M.D.K. Rajapaksha Completed
NPS/D1/CP/78 Lochani Madushika Amarasooriya Completed
NPS/D1/CP/79 E.G.K. Ellewala Completed
NPS/D1/CP/80 I.D.M.V.B. Ilangathilaka Completed
NPS/D1/CP/81 P.M. Amila Sanjeewa Kumarasingha Completed
NPS/D1/CP/82 W.I.M.S. Illangakoon Completed
NPS/D1/CP/83 V.P.D. Dilishiya Vergini Completed
NPS/D1/CP/84 W.W.M. Kasun  Prasanna  Gunawardhana Completed
NPS/D1/CP/85 H.C.S. Karunarathna Completed
NPS/D1/CP/86 P.A.C.N. Rupasinghe Completed
NPS/D1/CP/87 R.A. Prashantha  Sampath Completed
NPS/D1/CP/88 A.M. Nimesha Imali Jayasinghe Completed
NPS/D1/CP/89 A.K. Madhuwantha Chamara Aththanagoda Completed
NPS/D1/CP/90 B.B. Premathilaka Completed
NPS/D1/CP/91 R.G. Rupika Pushpamala Completed
NPS/D1/CP/92 G.W.K. Samanthi De Silva Completed
NPS/D1/CP/93 I.W.M.B.S. Wickramathilaka Completed
NPS/D1/CP/94 J.M.C.K. Jayasinghe Completed
NPS/D1/CP/95 W.A.N.K. Anurasiri Completed
NPS/D1/CP/96 R.G.S.D. Rajapaksha  Completed
NPS/D1/CP/97 H.K. Anuja Samanthi Completed
NPS/D1/CP/98 R.D. Harshani Jayalanka Senevirathna Completed
NPS/D1/CP/99 K.G. Jayanthi Manike Completed
NPS/D1/CP/100 A.M. Dushanthi Sanjeewani Aththanayaka Completed
NPS/D1/CP/101 R.P. Dissanayake  Completed
NPS/D1/CP/102 S.A.K. Kumarasinghe Completed
NPS/D1/CP/103 I.D. Shiromi Mala    Completed
NPS/D1/CP/104 H.M. Nimal Padmasiri  Completed
NPS/D1/CP/105 Ajith Ashoka Siyambalagodage Completed
NPS/D1/CP/106 Ajantha Welagedara Completed
NPS/D1/CP/107 J.T.K. Pahalagamagedara Completed
NPS/D1/CP/108 Kanagaraj Sumithra Completed
NPS/D1/CP/109 W.M.W.G. Iresha Udayangani Kumari Completed
NPS/D1/CP/110 W.G.R. Prabodani  Completed