National Productivity Secretariat is a government institute established under the Ministry of Skills Development, Employment and Labour Relations, in order to promote productivity in Sri Lanka.


Sri Lanka entered the path of productivity with different strategic plans after joining the Asian Productivity Organization in 1966.

Naming 1997 - 2006 time period as the “productivity decade”, National Productivity Secretariat did a pioneering service to develop a locally unique productivity culture.

National Productivity Secretariat was established under the Ministry of Labour, introducing National Productivity Policy to the public and private sectors in 2002. Activities including productivity awareness programs, award ceremonies, competitions, building model companies and uplifting small & medium entrepreneurs were carried out island wide in public, private, school & community sectors.

In 2010, National Productivity Secretariat was restored under the Ministry of Productivity Promotion and in 2015, secretariat has broadened its context under the Ministry of Public Administration and Management.

National Productivity Secretariat, which acts as the Sri Lankan representative for Asian Productivity Organization (APO), organizes different productivity promotional programs in collaboration with the APO.


"To be one of the foremost contributors in socio-economic development of Sri Lanka by promoting productivity."


“To build productivity driven, result oriented inclusive growth in all sectors and thereby uplift the living standard of people of Sri Lanka.”


  • Develop human capital and organizational excellence for building a knowledge based society through training, systems & process development, and sharing best practices.
  • Measure, evaluate, and improve productivity of various sectors of the economy.
  • Establish national productivity standards and targets taking due account of the different circumstances in various sectors and prepare key performance indicators in respective sectors.
  • Assess new policy initiatives of their Ministries and agencies with regard to public sector, with a view to advise on policy adjustments required to ensure their maximum compatibility with productivity movement.
  • Inculcate productivity consciousness and an innovative and creative culture through Productivity & Quality promotion and partnership programs


  • Establishing a National Pool of trainers, experts, consultants and productivity auditors dedicated to the Productivity Promotion
  • Launching a media communication network in order to ensure a broad coverage of an awareness program to the general public by using mass media
  • Socializing the program on Productivity Promotion as a National Campaign with covering all sectors
  • Encouraging Innovation and Creativity through enhancing Knowledge Management
  • Establishing a Productive Work Culture within the country
  • Integrating rural development programs and developing Case Managers at the field level to support and empower the community through productivity


Excellence in service:

Excellence in achieving our vision, mission & organizational objectives   through various program & projects


Complying with the spirits and abide by all laws and regulations, adhering to the highest standards of governance, transparency, disclosure and ethical conduct.

Caring attitudes:

The NPS supports and concerns all sectors in the country and commit to provide efficient and effective services to the service seekers


We are accountable to the government and to the public


We are responsible to provide a better service delivery by responding to the customers


We always build a close coordination with our stakeholders and appreciate the friendly partnership

Unity in purpose

(team spirit):

We believe, the success of the organization depends on the unity of the staff and the team work. We respect each other’s views and appreciate the collaboration achieving the organizational goal.


We dedicate to provide a better service to the intended beneficiaries

Guidance & Facilitation:

The NPS guides & facilitates all sectors in the country to follow productivity best practices & increase employment opportunities

Functions of NPS

  • Conducting Productivity Promotion Programs
  • Conducting Productivity Training Programs
    • Productivity Diploma
    • Productivity Certificate courses
    • Short courses
  • Productivity Consultancy Services (Public & Private Sector)
  • Conducting Productivity Projects
    • Kaizen Projects
    • Community Development Projects
    • Knowledge Management Projects
    • GP Cell
    • Lean hospital Projects
  • International Relations (Conducting APO workshops, e-Learnings, TES programs)
  • Special Programs
    • 5S Certification Program
    • Sectorial Productivity Development Programs
    • ICT Programs
  • Media and Propaganda (Conducting Media Programs, Launching Publications)
  • Research & Development (Productivity Data book & Newsletters)
  • National Productivity Competition & Awards Ceremony