ebreeze Project was initialized as a pilot project in 2015 to eliminate paper wastage and improving data retrieval efficiency to provide affective administrative decisions at National Productivity Secretariat. eBreeze was an idea of Mr. Suranga Guarantee (Director of National Productivity Secretariat), and was developed based on collective insights from all levels of the government officers managing different sections (ex: Inventory, Leave, Transport, Projects), data engineers and application developers. Long discussions and two years of implementation with updates have helped the eBreeze team to optimize the system to cater the basic government office needs.

eBreeze is currently fully functioning in the National Productivity Secretariat (NPS) office allowing them to eliminate the paper usage on many sections such as Leave Management Process, Inventory Management Process, and Transport Management. The entire process of the NPS Productivity Awards was managed using eBreeze Awards Management System saving a large amount of time. The process was managed much efficiently and less stressfully.


Ø Improving resource efficiency by eliminating paper usage and time wasted.

Ø Providing strategic data to make managerial decisions.

Ø Setting up an infrastructure to administer processes.

Ø Creating a stress-free work environment allowing staff to feel great for what they do and have fun doing it.


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