National Productivity Awards

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                            Manufacturing & Service Sector

Manufacturing & service sector functions as the driving force of the economic growth of the country. The success of this sector can be achieved by the application of productivity concepts.

National Productivity Awards competition 2018 will evaluate and honor organizations with the best productivity performances. It is with great pleasure we invite you to join with this national endeavor which appraises achievements gained through practical application of productivity concepts.

Objectives of National Productivity Awards Competition:



 Create awareness of the benefits and concepts of enterprise level productivity

This comparison is utilized to motivate productivity improvement methodologies and techniques and to create proper understanding of productivity improvement methodologies and techniques.

 Identifying model organizations  with high productivity performance

By this system, it is expected to identify role models so that other organizations could imitate their systems and procedures.

Promote labor management co – operation

Enhancing productivity should be created through co-operative labor management relations within a harmonious workplace.

Global Challenges

Empower the manufacturing and service sector to face future global challenges by maximum use of resources and green productivity.


Classification of Organizations:

 There are two major categories;

1.Manufacturing Sector                  2.Service sector

 Above mentioned sections based on Number of employees can be classified in to 03 categories.

Large Scale


more than 250 full time employees

Medium Scale


between 50 and 250 full time employees (Including 50 and 250)

Small Scale


less than 50 full time employees


 Criteria Awareness Seminar Schedule:



                              Sinhala                                                                             English


Application Form:

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 Online Registration:


Registration Fees:

Large Scale (More than 250 full time Employees)                 -Rs.15,000/= 

Medium Scale (Between 50 and 250 full time employees)    -Rs.10,000/=

Small Scale (Less than 50 full time employees)                    -Rs.  5,000/=  


Award Winners 2015: 



1st Place  - MAS Active Shadeline, Mahiyanganaya